Safer Together.

This collaborative builds trusting relationships between law enforcement and the people they serve for a safer place to live, work, and play. 

We do this by bringing stakeholders to the table to promote change that makes a real impact. Leaders like police chiefs and officers, nonprofits, the DAs office, and community members.

Our holistic approach to public safety strengthens our shared goal of a safer York County.

Young men from The Advantage Program learned from Officer Hinds from the York City Police Department that criminal justice could be a career path for them.

What happens when York County's public safety efforts are aligned?

Did you know that there are 17 different police departments in York County? In a time of deep social division, we not only need for police to have good relations with the public, we also need for the best public safety efforts to be coordinated. 

The York County Safety Collab partners with each department, positioning us to better see opportunities for synergy. For example, we look for county-wide fundraising opportunities that impact every department. We also serve as advocates for police AND the neighborhoods so there’s fewer walls and more portals for positive interaction. 

Our aim is to invest in this community to support law enforcement  as they interrupt violence. 

The York County Safety Collaborative provides strategic
investments to help promote impactful change in...

De-Escalation Training

Equipment for officer and citizen safety

Community Connections

Aiming to Create...

Safe and peaceful neighorhoods to live, work, and play.

A place where all
people are respected.

A community where trust is forged and hope lives.

What makes York County Safety Collaborative different?

We believe York County is Safer when all work Together. That means police commit to transparency, best practices, and thorough engagement with the public. We believe the public will support and respect law enforcement as this happens. 

The York County Safety Collaborative is focused on bringing people together and making strategic investments to promote change. Joining the collaborative is a practical way to engage and become part of the solution, especially knowing that you are sitting at the table with the right players and stakeholders. 

Police and clergy meeting together

police departments


York County citizens

York County children snuggle with Victory - York City's therapy dog. She visits schools and homes along with her handler, Officer Michael Reinert, so kids see that the police are on their side. Victory is an English Labrador. With York's past in mind, the city was intentional about choosing a breed that would invite children and adults to love on her.

Who should get involved with the York County Safety Collaborative?

People who want to be part of a safe community that respects them and treats them fairly.
Socially conscious people who believe that cooperation is fundamental to building trust and eliminates misunderstanding and fear.
Socially conscious investors who want to promote additional resources and training for officers.
People who want to feel hopeful about the future and are looking to forge trust.

What community leaders are saying:

It's time to be part of the solution and help to make our communities safer together.

Newberry Township Police give out free stuff at their annual National Night Out.