De-escalation Training Scheduled for York County Police

The York County Safety Collab, working in partnership with Springettsbury Township Police, recently acquired a $250,000 grant from the Department of Justice to provide de-escalation training for all 17 York County police departments over the next two years. We believe that this training is a key mechanism to ensure that, whenever possible, interactions between police and community members remain nonviolent. We proactively are taking steps to make sure our police have access to the best training to protect community members and officers alike, allowing our community to avoid incidents like those that recently unfolded in Memphis, Tennessee. Public officials, policy makers, and community leaders across the political spectrum have all recommended de-escalation training as the key to safer interactions between police and the public.

We have chosen the most advanced and effective de-escalation training available from the National De-escalation Training Center, a non-profit institution supported by the Department of Justice and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Their certified, evidence-based, best practice curriculum focuses on situational awareness, body language, appropriate approaches and distancing, recognizing mental health and disability issues, and identifying both active and passive threats. Through immersive, real-life, scenario-based training, our York County officers will receive the best tools to protect and serve us all with professionalism, respectfulness, and self-control.

The training is scheduled to begin in May by training key officers who will facilitate the training for the remaining police officers throughout York County. Stay tuned for more information as this important and exciting project!

How Can You Help?

We are working to bring de-escalation training to all 475+ police officers in York County! This effort requires an additional $150,000 to fund this vital training.