Introducing the York County Safety Collab

Launched in 2022 as a partnership of LogosWorks, all 17 York County police departments, and the York County District Attorney’s office, the York County Safety Collab was created to move ideas and dialogue into action. The Safety Collab is actively funding equipment, training, and public engagement efforts that build goodwill and trust between police and the public. Our vision is simple: we are safer together!

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The roots of the York County Safety Collab began in 2016. In the wake of national unrest surrounding the fair policing of our communities, a racially diverse group of police chiefs, clergy, and community leaders began meeting monthly to learn from one another, relate to one another, and dialogue with one another about how to create a more peaceful and thriving York County.

Chiefs Clergy Meeting

The trust and relationships that were built in those monthly meetings, which continue today, laid the foundation for a much bigger and impactful collaboration. The York County Safety Collab is a powerful initiative which is actively restoring hope in our communities, confidence in our legal system, and trust in our police. We believe that when police commit to transparency, best practices, and thorough engagement with the public, then the public will grow to support and respect law enforcement, and all of York County will become safer, hopeful, and more prosperous.

MLK service

At a recent service sponsored by the Black Ministers Association to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a moment was observed to acknowledge the police chiefs, district attorneys, clergy, and community members who, in the spirit of the inspiring leader, have remained dedicated to reconciliation, understanding, and the mission of the York County Safety Collab.

Early Accomplishments

Since its inception, the Safety Collab has already achieved a number of key objectives:

  • $75,000 grant to provide 142 body-worn cameras for 10 police departments to increase transparency and accountability
  • $250,000 federal grant to provide de-escalation training for all 17 police departments to encourage non-lethal outcomes and ensure public safety (the initial grant covers training for about half the police officers in York County)
  • $50,000 grant to purchase DNA collection equipment to improve accurate and impartial criminal investigations

We’re Hiring!

LogosWorks is currently hiring a Program and Engagement Coordinator to help facilitate and promote the efforts of the York County Safety Collab.

How Can You Help?

  • We are working to bring de-escalation training to all 475+ police officers in York County! This effort requires an additional $150,000 to fund this vital training.