Reverend Aaron Anderson Receives Liberty Bell Award

Reverend Aaron Anderson, CEO at LogosWorks and Logos Academy, was recently awarded the Liberty Bell Award from the York County Bar Association for his work as founder of the York Safety Collab. This award honors a non-attorney volunteer in the York community who has encouraged others to respect the laws and legal system, to learn more about and take an active role in the American justice system, and to take pride in our nation’s system of freedom for all under the law.

Origins of Chiefs & Clergy Partnership

Through his work as a community leader, Rev. Anderson has led the way in healing division, creating peace, and instilling a renewed belief that a community like York can find peaceful ways to come together. In 2015, Rev. Anderson proactively engaged a group of police chiefs and a diverse clergy group to build relationships and engage in constructive dialogue. Through difficult conversations, tough questions, and tense moments, the group began to trust and appreciate each other. After months of meetings, the relationships forged in that group became indispensable to both sides. Black ministers slowly became liaisons to improve the community’s attitude toward the police. The chiefs received valuable, honest input from the community and ways to improve their interactions with all members of York County.

Origins of York County Safety Collab

Building on the momentum gained through this cooperation, in 2022 LogosWorks Partners under Rev. Anderson’s leadership launched the York County Safety Collab, a cooperative effort that expanded the Chiefs & Clergy Partnership to include all 17 police departments in York County, the District Attorney’s office, and several other community leaders. The collective goals of this group are to support positive public engagement with law enforcement and to provide much-needed funding for training and equipment that promote safe and equitable policing.

Rev. Anderson emphasized that he was being recognized for his work with collaborations, which by definition cannot be accomplished by one person. He accepted the award on behalf of everyone that has been part of the road that led to the York County Safety Collab, and those who continue to strive for safety, equality, and prosperity in York County.

The Liberty Bell Award was also featured on ABC27 News.