Social Enterprise

Providing facilitation behind the York County Safety Collab is the social enterprise entity LogosWorks Partners. What is social enterprise? It’s a way to creatively drive social impact (traditionally worked on by non-profits) using for-profit business investments and acquisitions. Rather than businesses simply giving occasionally to social programs, it aligns the profits of those businesses to legitimately and reliably sustain those programs without having to constantly solicit donations.

LogosWorks Partners seeks to acquire and partner with for-profit businesses to provide funding for economic, education, and public safety initiatives in our community. Incorporated in 2020, LogosWorks Partners emerged from Logos Academy, an accredited K-12 school which provides an excellent Christ-centered education. Students at Logos Academy are provided with substantial scholarships and 66% or more come from families living in or near the federal poverty line.

More recently, LogosWorks Partners is building a team to continue driving social impact in education, public safety, and workforce integration through building an investment portfolio. In addition to Aaron Anderson, who serves as CEO, and Otto Monroy, who serves as president, LogosWorks is happy to welcome Carrie Becker, who joins the team as the Program and Business Manager.

Mrs. Becker will be responsible for analyzing and vetting potential business acquisitions, overseeing finances and forecasting, and coordinating operations and programs within the organization and the Safety Collab. She holds a Masters of Business Administration and a BS in Finance from York College.

LogosWorks is committed to the success not only of the Safety Collab, but hopefully numerous other initiatives in the future that will continue to make York County safer, healthier, and more prosperous for all of our citizens.

How Can You Help?

Do you know of a business that:

  • Lacks a succession plan?
  • Is interested in contributing more to social change in the community?
  • Is in need of investment capital?

Contact Carrie Becker to start a conversation about social enterprise.